Enscript security patches

I have been taking a closer look at the various security patches Debian applies to GNU Enscript this morning - I believe there may be similar problems lurking in other parts of the codebase, so my plan is to fix these myself this week. This avoids various inconvenient questions about copyright assignment. For the shorter patches this isn't a problem, of course - and there's generally more than one way to fix buffer overflows anyway....

Fixing Problems

My mum uses a Dell laptop running Ubuntu. Each time I visit I get to fix any problems that have cropped up. To be fair, there weren't that many so far. libdvdcss2 was not installed. I explained why, and fixed it. DVD menus were not being played in totem-gstreamer - the DVD would autorun, but you could not change to other titles. If you restarted totem with a different menu option you could at least set up a playlist with all the titles....

Emacs and Epiphany

It turns out to be possible to persuade emacs and epiphany to play nicely together. Opening URLs in Epiphany from Emacs Sometimes Emacs presents you with clickable hyperlinks (in info documentation, perhaps). To customize the browser in which these are opened, I am using the following in .emacs: (setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-generic browse-url-generic-program "gnome-open") There are also specific epiphany-related functions, but I'm using the default gnome program for the moment....


I have a week's break from work. I'll be improving the OpenStreetMap coverage of Wooler, hopefully. I need to check over some enscript patches, so that I can make a release. At the same time, I want to practise using gnus for email more thoroughly.

Blind *and* stupid

Went to the optician's and asked about prescription swimming goggles today. Might have to get them made specially - buying cheaper ones with standard spherical lenses would not correct my astigmatism, and leave everything blurry. Still, it would be the difference between being able to read half the eye test chart and not being able to see where the chart is. I have an HP dx2250 at both home and work, and HP's BIOS doesn't enable the SVM instructions on the CPU (which would let you do cool things with virtualization)....


On Saturday I went to Birmingham for the Friends of the Earth West Midlands regional meeting. We learnt about campaign planning, and got an overview of the main national campaigns for the next year. FoE Birmingham use Edubuntu. On Sunday I went swimming again. Not so tiring - still need to get some prescription goggles. Today at work we were delivering a PostgreSQL database training course for a company in Leicester....

Things I learnt today

gLabels is a nice and simple app, and works well for making CD labels. Swimming appears to exercise completely different muscles to jogging, so is very tiring. I could really use some prescription goggles. The usual plural of no is noes.


I am not having a good year. Traditionally, when annoyed, I make extravagant purchases that I may or may not regret later. In this new economic climate, however, I have found a substitute outlet. Arriving soon at a CPAN mirror near you: Net::NationalRail::LiveDepartureBoards 0.01 - an interface to a SOAP API from ATOC. Given a station code, you can obtain the next few arrivals/departures/both. This is in hacky Perl, but the module should be easy to translate to other languages which have SOAP libraries....


I had a reply from Jeremy Wright MP today regarding EDM 2141 - he's going to sign it. I'm going to think a bit about how to follow up on this. My desk is looking far too cluttered with House of Commons stationery at the moment.


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