My mum uses a Dell laptop running Ubuntu. Each time I visit I get to fix any problems that have cropped up. To be fair, there weren't that many so far.

  • libdvdcss2 was not installed. I explained why, and fixed it.
  • DVD menus were not being played in totem-gstreamer - the DVD would autorun, but you could not change to other titles. If you restarted totem with a different menu option you could at least set up a playlist with all the titles. It's a shame, because I like gstreamer, but as a quick fix I installed totem-xine and set it to autorun for DVDs instead.
  • Upgraded to Intrepid. Fairly uneventful.
  • Installed wine so that horrible non-free heart rate monitor software might possibly run.
  • Introduced mum to pidgin.
  • There seem to be some problems with sound recording - I started setting up Ekiga, but this is a blocker. Might not have time to fix this.