That time of year again

I tend to update DateTime::Event::WarwickUniversity at around this time each year, according to the changelog. Version 0.05 will appear on CPAN with the next update. My testcases still pass, at least.

More CPAN uploads

Following my update on Monday, I've made changes to the build systems of both DateTime::Calendar::WarwickUniversity and DateTime::Event::WarwickUniversity, in my search for higher kwalitee. These are not important updates, they just add a few more tests, and so on.

DateTime::Event::WarwickUniversity version 0.02

Warwick University appear to have changed some of their future term dates, so I have released version 0.02 of DateTime::Event::WarwickUniversity to CPAN. This release also fixes bugs which were happening when using DateTime objects with time zones, so everyone should probably upgrade. Overall, I'm surprised that it took me a year before I had an excuse for a new release. It would be worth adding the ability to get a real date from a given term week, but I haven't quite needed it yet....