My (very) humble efforts this week:

  • 2009-11-25: #527710 in 'ming' - closed as no longer occurred.
  • Prodded some bugs, especially #555036 in 'bash-completion-lib'; don't remember actually fixing any. :(
  • 2009-11-29: #552680 in 'libtest-valgrind-perl' - investigated and closed. Was actually a previously-closed bug in valgrind.
  • Then bringing up #551926 in pip and python-pip on debian-devel.

Less of the instant gratification of NMUs for me lately.

But; the Perl packaging team is down to a much lower number of RC bugs now. I'm one step closer to being a DD, apparently. And today I found somewhere to live for the next year; this is actually going to threaten my internet access in the near future, which is a little annoying. But once it's done, I'll actually be working on a desktop machine again, rather than a netbook.