I've been slacking on the RC bugs front. :) Let's see, my last blog post was on Monday 16th, so I'm late...

  • 2009-11-17: #527838 in 'smart' - investigated, closed as fixed. (Blatant cheating.)
  • 2009-11-18: #516338 in 'pornview' - debugged a segmentation fault on amd64
  • 2009-11-19: #551251 in 'libjavascript-perl' - patch written, but need to finish off and release.
  • On Friday I looked at postgresql-pllua and postgresql-plproxy, but they need a bit more work than I originally thought, so I joined the pkg-postgresql team. I'm amazed I wasn't a member before, in fact. :) Now just need to actually update the packages.
  • Then I took the weekend off! Went out, had fun...
  • Yesterday I followed up on bug #516338 above with a delayed NMU, but I believe we're close to a maintainer upload now.
  • 2009-11-24: #553230 in 'libapache2-mod-macro' - NMU diff written. I think it's borderline removal material, since there's only been one maintainer upload ever, but it does have a few popcon votes.

The DELAYED queue is a wonderful mechanism for reducing the amount of busy waiting that needs to happen for NMUs; you don't have to remember to come back and upload several days later. For non-DDs, it takes a bit more co-ordination between you and your sponsor, unfortunately - do you send the NMUdiff to the bug before you get sponsorship, and risk having to change it? And then revisit the bug to give notice again once it does get sponsored? Or leave it until after upload, which might reduce the amount of notice you're actually giving the maintainer (if, say, your mentor is in a different timezone)?

I've been opting for the first approach, but it doesn't have the same fire-and-forget quality of the real thing.