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Fri, 07 Dec 2007

TAOCP volumes I and II

This evening, my order from amazon.com arrived. It took a few weeks, but the savings with the USD exchange rate were huge. I'm now the proud owner of the first two volumes of The Art of Computer Programming (3rd ed.) by Donald Knuth.

First impressions of volume one are that it's quite heavy on the maths; I'm pretty sure the first chapter will go slightly beyond most undergraduate maths courses, mostly because it is focusing on a few key areas. Or perhaps I should have worked harder at university. But anyway, it will be interesting.

Also prominent is the 60s-style machine language for an imaginary architecture that has six-bit words... and needs self-modifying code to call subroutines. Great. It's slated to be replaced in the fourth edition, but that could be twenty years away. :)

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Ubuntu for relatives

My mum will shortly receive a laptop with Ubuntu installed (from Dell). She will be the second of my relatives to start using Ubuntu, after my brother - the advantages are the lower initial price, no recurring anti-virus software costs, better interoperability out of the box with cameras and printers, and photo management software for no charge (again, out of the box).

I'm really hoping Dell don't mess this up.

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Emacs keybindings for GTK text fields

My attempt to learn to use emacs continues. Today's discovery: I can enable emacs-like keybindings in GTK text fields (well, Readline-like) - this includes form fields in Epiphany.

I have remapped C-w to backward-kill-word, to be more like Readline. I'm working up to writing some lisp to make common tasks easier... like writing blog entries, perhaps. I'll need to synchronize my .emacs files somehow... but I need to make more of an effort to use emacs over vim at work.

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