Focusing on Ingenuity

December 28, 2020

I am led to believe that New Year’s Resolutions seldom work, and that a more effective approach to goal setting is to choose a theme for the year. This makes sense to me, as in hindisght 2020 threw up a few surprises.

Last January, buoyed by my success in gaining various technology-related certifications, I wrote that I would focus on learning; at that time I intended to engage in more formal study, but subsequently rediscovered how little I enjoy essay writing! However, in the end I did learn a good deal this year, so perhaps I achieved my aim after all.

This year I am taking “ingenuity” as a theme; I want to recapture that joy in creation. I heard another idea recently - that we are made in the image of God, and therefore we love to create. I love this, as it legitimizes that feeling of play for me - and I think matches the best of the original hacker ethos. I am reevaluating my actions and commitments through this lens, and looking to spend more time being ingenious (or trying to be)!

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