I've started backporting some Perl modules to wheezy-backports - for starters, libbread-board-perl, which is now waiting in BACKPORTS-NEW.

At work I've recently been trying to automate the deployment of our platform, and was originally trying to use Carton to manage the CPAN dependencies for us. It seems like it ought to be possible to make this work using CPAN-only tools. However, in practice, I've seen two strong negatives with this approach:

  • it's a lot of work for developers to manage the entire dependency chain, and
  • it takes forever to get the environment running.

Consider, when you spin up a fresh VM, you need to build Perl from source, and then compile every CPAN module you depend on. This includes all the modules needed to run all the test suites. That's not going to be fast. All that, and you still need a solution that works with the distro's package management, because you still need to install all the build dependencies.

So, I'm trying a new approach - if someone else benefits from the packages I backport, even better.