At the London Perl Workshop last Saturday, one of the lightning talks was about, formerly known as "".

It's social gamification for your task list, or something like that. Buzzword-tastic! But most importantly, there seems to be a nice community of programming types to procrastinate with you on your quests. This means I can finally get to work refuting lamby's prediction about gamification of Debian development!

Tasks are referred to as "Quests", and are pursued in themed "Realms", for that World of Warcraft feeling. For example, there's a "Perl" realm, and a "Lisp" realm, and a "Haskell" realm, but also non-programming realms like "Fitness" and "Japanese".

Of course, part of me now wants to construct a federated version which can be self-hosted. :) Another downside of questhub currently is the lack of SSL support - your session cookies are sent in plain text. I hope this changes soon.