On Monday, I need to start hiring a Perl programmer - or, at least, a programmer willing to write Perl. I work for a website where people post their CVs, which tends to help - although this will mean that my boss wants me to do it without going through recruiters. Which is fine. I just have to use the search interface that recruiters normally use.

And looking through all these CVs, it dawned on me that I don't have a clue whether any of the people are suitable for the job. I have to search for keywords that we think might be relevant - "Perl", I guess - and then sort through the hundreds of people who come back from the search. It's very painful, because you can't really judge a CV without reading it - and even that won't necessarily tell you the important things about that person. Do they actually write good code? Do they work well in a team?

When searching for a piece of information, you probably need just one website to answer your question; when searching for job candidates, I guess you need to see a range of CVs. And then you need to interview them; this could take weeks.

Sucks to be me.