2012-02-09: Thursday

  • Michael Meeks gave awesome talks at FOSDEM, so Kate was inspired to hack on LibreOffice. I was inspired to write this blog entry in a list. She probably wins.
  • Building LibreOffice master on Debian stable failed for her with a segmentation fault in GNU Make. A bit of searching threw up Savannah bug #20033, which is hitting everyone on the upstream mailing list.
  • Bumped severity and offered to NMU Debian bug #622644.
  • Then actually tried building make-dfsg in cowbuilder, and aclocal fails in the clean environment because /usr/share/aclocal does not exist. I think it's related to Debian bug #565663, but I'm still poking it.

Tim Retout

A solution architect

By Tim Retout, 2012-02-09