Hello, World!

Last year, a bit of a fuss was kicked up in the Perl community about the low quality of search results for the phrase "Perl tutorial". Various ideas for fixing this were proposed, including the handy Perl tutorial hub, but kicking Leeds University off the coveted top spot is going to be a real challenge.

The problem is, most Perl tutorials on the internet were written for Perl 4; modern Perl doesn't get a look-in. It's a miracle anyone manages to learn Perl at all...

While thinking over this problem, I was reading Mithaldu's original criteria for the "content creation" option. "Community effort"... "github repo"... "exported to HTML regularly"... if only Perl had some central site where you can publish documentation... that all Perl hackers can access and update... like CPAN.

So although my documentation-writing skills are pretty weak, I proudly introduce the Perl-Tutorial CPAN dist and github repository. The great thing about writing Perl documentation using POD is that you can link to other CPAN references so easily - as the basics get filled out, they can guide the user towards how to learn more about each topic. Everyone who's anyone knows how to send a pull request on github, and there seems to be far more of a community feel to CPAN these days.

Version 0.001 is just "Hello, World!" - but watch this space. :)