Some things I have learnt this week at DebConf:

  • The cost of living in the UK is much higher than in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • I feel much better about life when I am being a fun and exciting person, compared to boring and cynical.
  • My laptop is not well-suited to travelling - poor battery life, and poor wifi. However, I have mastered the art of taking only hand luggage.

I have quietly resolved to spend more time doing things that I enjoy, that maximise the use of my skills, and which help other people; and spend less time on the opposite.

So far, I have tidied up various outstanding commitments that were weighing on my mind, and offered mdbtools for adoption. I started doing some RC bug NMUs again, because on a good day they hit all three of my criteria. Some ideas are already forming in my mind of other things to do, so I shall never be short of tasks.