I went shopping today, and inadvertently stole a very nice cardigan-like thing from a multinational clothing retailer.

Enough anecdotes. Yesterday:

  • NMU'd nut to fix bug #583371. I hear a co-maintainer is sought, so if you're into UPS devices...
  • Downgraded bug #599909 in emacs23. Tempted to upgrade it again now it's reassigned to gtk-qt-engine, though.
  • Asked for a binNMU to fix rep-gtk on kfreebsd-amd64.


  • Filed a binNMU request for sawfish, which should eventually resolve bug #599959 on the back of the librep work I did earlier in the week.
  • NMU'd python-sipe to fix bug #582998, where a non-DD had followed the NMU instructions rather literally; nice try. ;) If any non-DDs need a sponsor for RC bug fixes, do ask me by email.
  • Downgraded bug #599463 in gstreamer0.10-alsa (formerly of mp3splt-gtk). It's now closed.
  • Went ahead and NMU'd aptitude to fix bug #557580 and bug #594505. It'll be fine, honest; if you don't believe me, test the packages.

Looking at the weekly summary reports, we squashed a net total of 31 RC bugs last week. Of course, it's possible they'll get more difficult as we go along... but I'm hoping to see all the easy ones closed before the BSP two weeks from now.