I have developed an affection for crime drama - on Sunday nights, the TV channel Five USA shows something like four hours of CSI, back to back. There's obviously something fascinating about the problem-solving process... and there's always the too-good-to-be-true computer interfaces to laugh at. (I also watch The Mentalist, NCIS and Law & Order, for variety.) And also, on CSI:NY and Law & Order, I get to spot the places in New York I visited at DebConf.

So yes, problem solving. Sometimes the real thing can be even more compelling. And who wants to slump in front of the TV for four hours, anyway? Much better to sit up in front of the computer for... erm... a lot longer.

  • Bug #525549 - gnucash sometimes removes the account data file

This was a more challenging bug - I had to break out gdb and everything. Turns out string manipulation with C is still error-prone. First reported upstream in October 2008 - quite a mystery.

NMU to follow later in the week, since there are two other serious bugs open for gnucash.