It's been raining this weekend in Southampton. This afternoon's not been too bad - I went for a walk around the city walls. Just a few hundred years ago, the River Test would have come right up to them, and my flat would have been in a defensive moat full of sea water, I think.

I re-read zack's rcbw page, and noticed the section on 'blog posts' - there is also a propaganda element to the idea, in improving Debian's internal culture w.r.t. NMUs.

So with my grey Sunday afternoon, I have uploaded a couple of NMUs for RC bugs:

  • Bug #585614 - a small missing dependency from mp3splt-gtk.
  • Bug #591547 - pkg-config compatibility with autoconf >= 2.66

I am surprised that there are still such easy pickings from the RC bug list at this point in the release cycle. This Debian Developer lark is a piece of cake, innit?