As a brief diversion from Debian, I spent the evening learning about small-scale hydro power. Remember, kids, the power available at your site is proportional to the product of the effective pressure head and the volume flow rate.

I think at some point I promised the Rugby Friends of the Earth group that I would link to them. My PageRank, let me show you it. They have a social meeting tomorrow at the Alexandra Arms. (Interestingly my PageRank does seem to be pwning that of WUGLUG's page at the moment. I still haven't matched that of the front page of Warwick Blogs.)

Also this week I found out about the courses at the Percival Guildhouse. This is a building next to the library in Rugby - I have walked past it for years, but never investigated what went on there until now. Turns out I might actually be able to practise speaking German with people.