Following my awesome coding on Pidgin yesterday, my brother has switched to aMSN.

I had let slip at some point that his laptop's webcam would probably work with aMSN. The drivers themselves are included with the Ubuntu kernels, so that has never been a problem; however, because of some abstraction problems with Pidgin, there is still no webcam support with the MSN protocol. It almost worked with aMSN out of the box, but I had to open a port in the firewall to let people connect to him. (This is probably going to stop working when he's not in Derby, then.) Next, aMSN appears to only have OSS sound support, so I had to modify the Ubuntu menu entries to use the PulseAudio 'padsp' wrapper. This lets you record and play sounds, but the aMSN developers have not implemented continuous voice streaming yet, I think.

For the record, I don't like aMSN's UI either.