This weekend, I visited Derby, and updated the f-spot packaging in the Debian pkg-cli-apps repository. It's now at version 0.4.2, but this hasn't fixed the complicated extensions problems - they are Mono.Addins bugs, so we'll need to update libmono-addins0.2-cil to the version the f-spot devs claim fixes everything.

Apart from that, I've been looking at my list of potential pet projects, and thinking about which of them I want to prioritize over the next year or so. I reckon I can organize them around the forthcoming Debian release - aiming to fix as many bugs as possible in time for lenny helps with rating the relative priority of things. It's probably not a coincidence that the more important bits of development I want to get done happen to tie in to Debian release goals. So I suppose now is not the time to start too many new projects. :)

The lenny release will also be a good time to step back and work out where I want to take things next. I volunteered to help with f-spot packaging because it was languishing with an obsolete version in Debian, and a slew of open bugs. It still has too many open bugs, but hopefully many can be be fixed before lenny. Still, after that, I suspect life is too short to be worrying about bundled Mono libraries.