I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Meanwhile, here's something completely unrelated.

I keep having to use the 'Ctrl' key a lot, and it's getting a bit awkward having my little finger hover near the bottom left of the keyboard all the time. I also often have problems with hitting 'Caps Lock' when I don't mean to. (I mean, who uses it? Not me.) So, the obvious solution is to turn the Caps Lock into a second Ctrl key.

I've done this before, but never remember to use the new, easier Ctrl. So, for this week, I'm going to swap the Ctrl key and Caps Lock on both my work and home computers, and see whether I can retrain myself. Hmmmm. It's really easy to configure in GNOME - in the keyboard preferences, go to 'layout options', and 'Ctrl position'.

If I can make using Ctrl really comfortable, then it'll even be possible to try out emacs. One thing I've noticed already is that changing windows in GNU Screen is a lot less work.