New domicile

Today, I finally found a place to live in Rugby. It turned out that a landlord friend of my boss had a room to let, in a very convenient location. I'm within ten minutes' walking distance of the station, the town centre, and the (hopefully soon to be) new office. It's also quite cheap (university accommodation prices), with all utilities and bills except internet access included in the rent. Yay.

I need to move my belongings from Coventry to Rugby; most of the stuff I have with me can probably be carried on the train in the morning. I might stay one more night here, so I can go to the techteam stuff in the evening tomorrow.

It's still pretty easy for me to visit Warwick, especially at weekends, especially if there's convenient crash space in Coventry. So, I can attend XINGs and pub socials, if CompSoc doesn't object too much. :)

Tim Retout

A solution architect

By Tim Retout, 2007-09-25