On Saturday, I travelled to Cambridge via Coventry, seeing lamby, benji and mulletron's new house en route.

LinuxConf.eu has been pretty good. It's a technical enough conference that 'Linux' actually refers to the kernel, for the most part. I've learnt a few things about Linux development, and I'm vaguely curious now about getting involved there. Also, I took lots of photos - yesterday we got to see Linus Torvalds, who was quite entertaining while leading the git BoF session. I'll put the photos online when I'm back at a connection with decent upload bandwidth.

Today is the last day, with only tutorials rather than talks. The rest of the week is quite busy for me, and I'm going to end up travelling all over the place. Tomorrow I'm off to Rugby for a job interview. This weekend is PyCon UK in Birmingham, and I've been persuaded to attend that as well.