One step at a time

My new blog is set up, more or less. I'm vaguely happy with it.

This one is a self-hosted Pyblosxom install, with various plugins. I've added tags instead of the default categories system, and set up comments. I also got a MetaWeblog API plugin working, so I can post this entry with gnome-blog. (I patched the Pyblosxom plugin to support images, but one thing I can't do at the moment is tagging from gnome-blog - it would be nice to add the UI elements.)

I still have various things I want to add: OpenID support for comments, perhaps, as well as trackbacks for all those arguments on various planets. In the longer term, I might want to rewrite my website so that everything integrates nicely. I've stuck some CSS on it so that it doesn't look quite so plain.

Tim Retout

A solution architect

By Tim Retout, 2007-08-20